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Sep 19, 2018

 I wanted to let our listeners know that Clive has been interviewed for the Folsom Street Fair Guide for their September issue. Just click on the link that’s provided by Clive Barker: Revelations Facebook page and use the scroll bar to go to page eight where the interview starts.

Here’s the link to upload the magazine if you want a digital copy for yourself:

I’ve also attached the the uncut cover below:

Thanks to Clive Barker: Revelations and Folsom Street Parade.



Hellraiser fans will be happy to know that Lakeshore Records will be putting out a new remastered version of Christopher Young’s fantastic score for Hellbound: Hellraiser II on vinyl in celebration of the film’s 30th anniversary. I’m really loving the red and black smoke pressing that makes the discs look like Julia’s skinned body. Also, checkout the track list below and notice how they’re releasing new music for this release as well!

Side A
01. Hellbound / Second Sight Séance 7:29
02. Looking Through a Woman 5:30
03. Something to Think About 4:26
Side B
04.‘Skin Her Alive’ 1:47
05. Stringing the Puppet 4:56*
06. Hall of Mirrors 7:47
07. Dead or Living? 2:51
Side C
08. Leviathan 3:25
09. Sketch with Fire 2:56
10. Chemical Entertainment 6:36
Side D
11. Obscene Kiss 5:00*
12. Headless Wizard 5:33
13. What’s Your Pleasure? 3:11
*Previously unreleased on vinyl

The street date is October 12th, but I couldn’t find a pre-order link at Lakeshore Records official site. We’ll post it when one becomes available. Young’s score for Hellbound is a timeless masterpiece of sound and composition so I’ll be picking this up for sure. I can’t wait to hear these unreleased tracks.

Thanks to Dread Central and Danny Stewart.



I wanted to let our UK listeners know that Candyman actor Tony Todd will be appearing at the MCM Expo London Comic Con that will last from 26th-28th of October.

To order your tickets follow the link below:

London Comic Con

Candyman is a property that I wish would come back into the public eye in some shape or form. There have been some attempts to do so which I plan on talking about in some future articles, but pesky rights issues are getting in the way. It’s shame because there’s some great material there to work with.

Thanks to Danny Stewart.



It’s always good to experience movies in the theater and today two of Clive Barker’s films will be making a return to the big screen for special screenings for the Halloween season.

First off, Lord of Illusions is will be apart of Chicago’s annual Music Box of Horror’s 24-hour long marathon. Sadly, it’s only the theatrical version being shown, but it’s a 35mm print so that should make the experience worthwhile. The event takes place from October 13th-14th and will also include other movies like Child’s Play, Freddy vs Jason, and Fright Night Part 2. For more information and to buy your event ticket follow the link to Music Box of Horror’s official page:

Next up, The Nightbreed Director’s Cut will be showing at the Prince Charles Theater as a part of HorrorOctober 2018. The movie will be shown on Sunday the 14th of October at 8:45 pm. Other films that will be included are the extended version of The ShiningThe ExorcistPhantasm, and a whole lot more. You can purchase your tickets in the link below:

This is heaven to me! I hope some of our listeners take up the opportunity and go to these events.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting, The Prince Charles Theater, and Music Box of Horror.


Clive will be attending the Days of the Dead Chicago Convention this November 16-18, and tickets are on sale now, so get’em while they’re hot if you’d like to meet Clive and get an autograph or some cool art or merch! Tell him the @BarkerCast sent ya!

Also check out all the other cool guests at the convention and start making your travel plans! Have fun.