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Aug 17, 2018

Another day, another Clive Barker alumni report. According to the UK horror convention For the Love of Horror they’ve  recently announced that Shuna Sassi herself, Christine McCorkindale will be making an appearance at this year’s event. The convention lasts from the 20th-21st and will take place in Manchester. General entry tickets along with autograph and photograph tickets can be pre-ordered below:

We hope all of our UK listeners get a chance to meet her. You can also listen to Episode 86 where we talked with her and Nightbreed: Director’s Cut producer Michael Plumides.      Episode 86 : Chris McCorkindale with Michael Plumides   

Blog Post Here:


I think our listeners will really get a kick out of this report, especially if they love toys.

The toy company Funko is releasing a toy line called, Horror Savage World. It will include all the big horror icons including the Hell Priest himself. He’ll come with two knifes for butchering and a personal Lament Configuration. The figures are five and half inches tall and are an homage to the classic He-Man style figures from the 80’s. Now I can have a battle with Michael Myers like I’ve always wanted to.

Check out the picture of all them below:

No release date has been set but I’m banking for sometime in the Fall. Of course we’ll keep you updated as always.

Thanks to Funko. 

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