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Sep 1, 2018

 WWE look out!

While the Podcast was attending the Cenobite Panel at Texas Frightmare Weekend 2018, actor Doug Bradley let the crowd know that he would be joining a wrestling promotion sometime in the near future. He didn’t elaborate on it any further at the time, but we were all very curious to know where this was going.

The wait is over as horror website Bloody Disgusting recently let it out of the bag that the Hellraiserstar has joined the wrestling promotion known as Blackcraft Wrestling. He’s playing a role known as “The Preacher” who is the general manager of the promotion. According to a fan who attended the show Burning Bridges, Bradley was quoted as saying a familiar Hellraiser-esque line, but with a twist that only Doug could come up with: “We have such fights to show you!”

I love it!

I’ve attached some pictures that were taken at the event showing Bradley cutting promos in the ring:

Also, don’t forget to visit Blackcraft Wrestling’s official site where you can watch a promo video they’ve made for the character.

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting and Blackcraft Wrestling

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 Over the summer it was reported that a Nightbreed TV series would be coming to the small screen via the SyFy channel, but nothing else has been said on the subject since. Yesterday, Bloody Disgustingreported a tweet from the writer of the series Josh Stolberg that confirms the return of Decker.
"Good Ol' Buttonface. I'll be playing with him this Fall."

I’m not all that surprised that Decker is returning considering how the movie ended. I’d love to see director David Cronenberg return to play the character with Ashberry as his devoted disciple. We’ll keep you posted as more news is made available.

Thanks to Josh Stolberg and Bloody Disgusting.

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It’s always a treat to see Doug Bradley in anything he does, from his Spinechillers, to the Wrong Turnmovies, the Book of Blood, short films, Star Wars games (Shadow of Revan) and now LORE. Earlier today he posted this on his official Facebook page:

"I recently got to spend some time in Prague, filming an episode about Burke and Hare for the new season of Lore, coming October 19th."

You can see Doug in the second season trailer in a scene from the Burke and Hare episode— where it looks to me by his appearance that he’ll be playing Dr. Robert Knox— once again playing a wise and aged surgeon, a dignified profession shared with another character he played in a famous Horror franchise before, if I’m not mistaken.

 started out as a podcast developed by Aaron Mahnke and now it’s a show on Amazon Video. The second season will premiere on October 19, 2018

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It’s been over a year since Hellraiser box creator Simon Sayce’s passing, but we’ve learned today that his work continues to live on in a new movie called Extremity. Sayce’s contributions to the film are the masks that are worn by the film’s villains. The film is also directed by Anthony Diblasi who adapted Clive Barker’s Dread for the big screen. He had these positive words to say about Simon’s work,“There are several ‘hero’ masks in the film, which the villains wear,” says DiBlasi. “These things look amazing on camera.”

Check this one out from the trailer:

From the EW report:

Extremity stars Dana Christina (Wynonna Earp) as a young woman named Allison who signs up for a trip to an extreme haunt called Perdition in the hope of exorcising her demons.

Checkout the trailer below:

Thanks to Ben Warren and EW.

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