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Nov 20, 2018

Fellow Clive Barker fans, we have to apologize. With planning for our 200th episode, the upcoming Kickstarter, the recent interview with Sorcha Ni Fhlainn, and our intrepid news guy, Rob being under the weather, we've gotten behind on the news.  Somebody unplugged all our fax machines and 300 baud modems for the Reef!  Today we're going to fix that, and get as caught up as we possibly can.  So here we go!

Clive Barker's appearance at Days of the Dead! Lots of happy fans have been sharing their photos of Clive at Days of the Dead last weekend.  Special Thanks to Raul on our Discord chatfor finding these on Instagram!  


New Clive Barker Interview on Arrow's Release of Candyman on Blu-Ray. We've seen it.  It's very insightful interview, not just about Candyman, but about his work in general and his feelings about the world around him.  A great special feature. We hope it also shows up in the upcoming Shout Factory release as well.  

New Audio Version of Barbie Wilde's The Venus Complexout now, Narrated by Doug Bradley! That was a long title, but this amazing novel deserves it.  It's available on Audible, and Doug Bradley has an amazing range and is a spectacular narrator.  If you want to hear some of his other audio books, check out Mister B Gone or Tonight AgainWe talked with Barbie Wilde all the way back in episode 26about this book, and we're thrilled to see it's now narrated by Pinhead himself.  

Don Bertram's A Chimneysweep's Tale is available now! You might remember that Don Bertram goes way back as a champion of Clive's art. He's also been a frequent sponsor of our podcast with his Celebrate Imagination art collection benefiting the Texas Children's Cancer Center.  All proceeds for the sale of this book go to the Texas Children's Cancer Center as well, so give it a look on his Etsy page.  

 Ghost Stories for Christmas. We have to apologize. In a podcast and news post previously we said that Ghost Stories for Christmas was a book, but it's actually a play production that include's Clive Barker's "The Departed" (AKA Hermione and the Moon).  It will be performed at the Lantern Theatre in Brighton, December 20th through the 22nd, and will include the afore-mentioned performance of a Clive Barker story, in addition to stories by Joan Aiken and Ramsey Campbell.  Check the site here for ticket availability. They just opened an additional performance due to demand, so get tickets soon.