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Oct 18, 2020

In Episode 281, we continue the adventure in our Kult: Divinity Lost game, begun in 279 : Kult Divinity Lost Part 1

Where we left off it’s 1967. the Cruz family, having moved from Cuba to Florida, picked up their missing family member, Eduardo from the airport.  They all begin to notice that something’s not right...

Oct 16, 2020

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Thanks for Supporting us here at BarkerCast, the one and only Clive Barker Podcast. We don’t do patreon. Kickstarter fundraisers like this one are how we fund the podcast, and you not only get to geek out with us about Clive Barker for another year, but you can get great stuff for backer...

Oct 11, 2020

Thank you for listening to the Clive Barker Podcast. Please subscribe in your favorite podcast app, so you can get our episodes every Sunday! In episode 280, Jose and Ryan break down the Clive Barker news, and give our spoiler-free impressions of the new Hulu Books of Blood. Have you seen it yet? What did...

Oct 4, 2020

Thanks for joining us for episode 279 of the Clive Barker Podcast. In this episode, Ryan and Jose are joined by Mitchell Wallace, marketing director of Helmgast, Catalina Querida of Little Spark Films, Brant Finstad, Bridget McAllister, and friend of the show, Raul to play the tabletop RPG “Kult: Divinity Lost”. It...

Sep 27, 2020

It's Clive Barker news, and Jose and Ryan have a lot to talk about. In episode 278 we go over the new Hulu Books of Blood long trailer, how you can see the movie early, some Hellraiser unused sequel details and other Hellraiser news, and Clive Barker is back on Twitter with some discussion of his new projects! And...