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Nov 19, 2019

Thanks for listening and subscribing to Episode 244 of the Clive Barker Podcast. This episode, I talk about our Kickstarter, Clive Barker Podcast Presents: Fundraiser VII Debtor, and all the cool Clive Barker stuff you can get, right before the holidays.

 Don Bertram's Celebrate Imagination

There's a new news feature video that shows Don working with the kids at Texas Children's Cancer Center, and his artwork.  Click the side-banner at to find links to videos and his Etsy shop where you can buy his prints, books, and support this wonderful program. 

We're going to get to the Kickstarter, but before we do, I want to mention the Hardcover interview book. We've got some orders from a couple years back, and I want you to know we've been hard at work making this book. We had to take a break this last weekend to get the Kickstarter up and running. Also, we aren't taking orders again for this book during this Fundraiser, because when it's ready, we'll make orders available. If you pre-ordered, you're still top of the list, but we'll be contacting for current shipping info.

So, Clive Barker Podcast Present, Fundraiser VII: Debtor is here! It startered late Sunday Night (technically Monday Morning). Check out the video, we did something different this time, and it's shorter than usual.  I think you'll watch it. See it all the way through for the celebrity cameos / endorsements!

We have a typical modest goal, which is just $500.00.  That will keep the lights on, but we want to do a series of episodes on the Imaginer books, and this time, you have a chance to follow along with it. Thanks to a generous donation by Phil and Sarah of the Clive Barker Archive, we have several copies of imaginer books available for you as backer rewards! Help us make that happen, and get these gorgeous art books for yourselves. We also have these great buttons, made and donated by friend of the show, Derek Horwood, plus a lot of other cool stuff you can see at the link, and in the video. My personal favorites are the original Clive Barker painting and the Tarrie Cat tote bag.

We can't thank you enough, so we try to provide some cool stuff in return for your support.


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