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May 3, 2020

Thanks for listening and subscribing to Episode 259 of the Clive Barker Podcast. In this news episode Jose, Markus and Ryan discuss the big story, a Hellraiser TV series on HBO! Also, will Candyman be banned from some theaters on its release? 

One quick correction. In a previous episode, Jose had heard that Phil and Sarah Stokes were American, from California, living in the UK. This isn’t true. They are English.  More often than not, in our enthusiasm, we will make some errors. If you hear one, please let us know. Thank you Phil and Sarah for the correction. 

This episode is sponsored by Dark Regions Press. A one stop publisher and Book Seller of Clive Barker and many other great authors. If you head over to www.darkregi you woll find everything of his they have for sale, like the Midnight Meat Train Special Definitive edition starting at only $9.00!  They also have Tonight Again, The Body Book, and Pre-orders for the intriguing Clive Barker Mystery Box

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And this podcast, having no beginning will have no end. 


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