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 The Clive Barker Podcast (or @Barkercast) is an independent  editorial fan site and podcast that is not affiliated with or under contract by Clive Barker or Seraphim Films.  This is a labor of love by the fans, for the fans. 



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Nov 26, 2015


Here we go with our second goal, or first stretch goal from Kickstarter. Rawhead Rex audio commentary. Sync up your movie to right before the "Apline Pictures" credit, and enjoy the campy ride with us! Happy Thanksgiving. Invert your enemies and enjoy the sweetest meat.

Nov 25, 2015


We've teased this quite a bit, and now it's finally here! We're super excited about this, and we hope you will like it too. We've got some great reasons to support us -- via rewards, the goal, and the stretch goals. Jose, Rob and I have worked very hard on this. Enough teasing, check it out...

Nov 22, 2015


This time we have a very interesting conversation with Author Paul Kane about his upcoming book BLOOD RED coming out on December 1st from Short and Scary Tales Publications. We also touch upon his very entertaining book of short stories MONSTERS (published by Alchemy Press) and his reference book about the...

Nov 13, 2015


Rob, Ryan and Jose take time to catch up on the Clive Barker News and give a Kickstarter update and special thanks to all our backers and supporters.

Kickstarter Thanks!

Clive Barker News

Nov 4, 2015


It's our first Kickstarter goal, and there are a lot more to go, so we thought we'd better get started early. Transmutations! Known in Europe as Underworld, this is the 103 minute version, rather than the 78 minute version. We had a lot of fun recording this commentary, and hope to get to Rawhead soon, just...