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May 29, 2016


Hello Friends! Welcome to another very special episode of the @Barkercast, as usual with Ryan, Rob and myself but this time we had someone else joining us today, and you've heard him before on our show for the Hellraiser Movie Discussion episodes, and Books of the Damned episodes, - and if you're lucky, you...

May 13, 2016


Where were you November 2011?  If you were watching Hellraiser Revelations, ccongratulations for being one of the survivors!   So why would we ask you to watch it again with us?  I'm not quite sure.  I guess the answer is, "What if something wack happens?"

Also, if you're ever in doubt, reference Niko...

May 11, 2016


Our 10th Audio Commentary for the great folks that backed our Kickstarter campaign, "Clive Barker Podcast Presents Fundraiser III: Hell on Earth". This time around, it's "Clive Barker's The Plague" directed by Hal Masonberg, starring that guy from Dawson's Creek and Beer Bottle Sam. Sync up your copy of this...

May 10, 2016

itunes pic
The business model on Podomatic is basically you start out free, but once you get a decent amount of subscribers you find you have to keep increasing the cost of your plan. We're moving the podcast hosting over to Libsyn, where we will be paying a flat monthly fee that's about half the cost, with unlimited bandwidth,...

May 1, 2016


Ryan, Jose and Rob met Simon Sayce, designer of the Hellraiser puzzle box and former member of Image Animation.  How does Hellraiser relate to “Harvey” or to hobgoblins?

Show Notes

Jorte Calendar: Use the custom link  so they know you heard it from the Clive Barker...