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 The Clive Barker Podcast (or @Barkercast) is an independent  editorial fan site and podcast that is not affiliated with or under contract by Clive Barker or Seraphim Films.  This is a labor of love by the fans, for the fans. 



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Sep 23, 2016


Rob, Jose and Ryan are back to talk about the extended (99 minute) version of Hellbound: Hellraiser II.   Do you like this sequel to Hellraiser?  Let us know in the comments.  Pull out your DVD or Blu-Ray and follow along with us as we talk Hellraiser 2.

Show Notes

Sep 16, 2016


Do you want to see flesh with a god's eyes? Rob returns to join Jose and Ryan to talk about Clive Barker's third and final directorial effort, Lord of Illusions (Director's Cut).  Spin up the new Shout Factory Blu-Ray (0r the older DVD) and let's watch it together.  Let us know what you think in the...

Sep 13, 2016

Thanks for listening to the Clive Barker Podcast, episode 125, "Now I'm the Wicked Queen!"  Ryan (me) Jose and guest Max Lichtor from the Pyramid Gallery are back to talk about Clive Barker news, the Hellraiser anniversary and of course the final round of Duels of Blood.

Don Bertram's Celebrate Imagination benefiting...

Sep 5, 2016

For the first time since the Los Angeles Premiere with Clive Barker, Jose Leitao and Ryan Danhauser watch the Director's Cut of Nightbreed.  Now that collective enthusiasm for Occupy Midian has wained, and we're no longer blinded by having our name in the credits, does the movie still blow us away?  Watch it, and follow...