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 The Clive Barker Podcast (or @Barkercast) is an independent  editorial fan site and podcast that is not affiliated with or under contract by Clive Barker or Seraphim Films.  This is a labor of love by the fans, for the fans. 



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Dec 17, 2016

Thanks for joining us again for another episode of the Clive Barker Podcast, episode 128, where we get caught up with the news.  Is there going to be a TV series for "The Great and Secret Show?" When does Hellraiser Judgement come out?


Nov 25, 2016


Thanks for joining us once again for our last audio commentary and stretch goal for the 2015 "Fundraiser III: Hell on Earth" Midnight Meat Train.  Rob, Ryan and Jose get together to talk about this unflinching horror movie directed by Ryuhei Kitamura.

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Nov 16, 2016


Rob, Ryan and Jose are back again for another audio commentary  for Candyman; Farewell to the Flesh.  We like this sequel, though it's not quite as good as the first.  Sync up with us and let's watch it together.



Nov 5, 2016

Thanks for joining us again for Episode 127 of the Clive Barker Podcast.  In this episode, we have a great interview with composer, Cris Velasco (Clive Barker's Jericho) but before that we get into Clive Barker news about all the upcoming releases and news bits.

Show Notes

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Oct 28, 2016


Only two of these left to go!  Today Rob, Jose and Ryan sit down together in three different time zones to talk about Candyman.  Do you dare to say his name five time in the mirror?  Do you like Jake's bow tie?  Watch the movie again with us.

Show Notes