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Nov 17, 2014


We took some time to address news, feedback and discussion  in this episode.   There was lots to talk about!



Clive Barker was on the Nerdist Podcast


Ryan was interviewed in Entertainment Weekly, but in that article there was some stuff revealed about the proposed Hellraiser remake


“The movie actually begins on Devil’s Island. I wanted to fold into the Hellraiser narrative something about the guy—the Frenchman Lemarchand—who made the mysterious box, which raises Pinhead. I figured, ‘Well, what would have happened to him?’ He might well have been taken to Devil’s Island and I thought that would be a pretty cool place to start the movie. We’re waiting for Bob to come back to us and see when we’re going to actually make the movie.”


Midnight Meat Train arriving in homes everywhere.  I got mine.  #88 / 450

Lord of Illusions Release Date


Turn Down the Lights (Dollie) Artist Edition Release Date (End of the year, 2014)


Nightbreed #6, Hellraiser Beastiary #3


Trick Or Treat Studios Berzerker Mask


Maleficium Dark Art Exibition 11/15 3-10.  In Chicago


Rue Morgue, Ron McKenzie Tour of Clive Barker’s Studio


Holiday Horror Grab Bag from Dark Regions Press includes Midnight Meat Train has downloadable  version on Nightbreed


Site News


  1. 4th Fundraiser non-drawing when we get some more donations

2 Teaser of things to Come: Book of the Tribes (3X Softcover)

  1. Welcome Rob Ridenour.


  1. See Jose in the most recent Chattering with Nicholas Vince alongside Mark Miller & Andrew Furtado



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